Providing You with Valuation Insight

As a Small Business owner, it’s important to accurately assess what your hard work has built over the years. Quad has the experience and expertise required to provide you with valuation services for:

  • Providing insight into the value of your business
  • Tax planning purposes
  • Supporting the purchase and sale of businesses

Every business owner needs to know the value of their company. Let us give you insight into your businesses worth

For Owners and Managers Who Need Professional Insight into Their Business

We believe Valuation services can provide a tremendous amount of insight into a Businesses potential. In conjunction with our other in house services, owners can make better informed business decisions, decreasing their exposure to risk and increasing their businesses potential value. If you are buying or selling a business or require specific insight, we can provide the necessary valuation services that allow you to make informed decisions

Satisfied Clients

  •  Having Quad guide me through the process of starting my own business has reduced my stress and allowed me to focus my energy on growing my business. It is reassuring to know that Quad is able to tailor their services to fit my exact needs and has the flexibility to adapt along with my business. I feel very confident trusting my business with Quad.  

    -John N., JD Engineering

  •  Prior to working with Quad, we had minimal visibility and understanding of our monthly operating results. In just a few short months, the team at Quad Business Services has allowed us to gain control of our business finances by providing in-depth, monthly reports not only on the numbers, but also on trends that have a direct impact on the overall results. As an Entrepreneur, growing my business is my priority. Quad delivers services that empower us to make informed business decisions that make a difference to our bottom line  

    -Parry S.,Scholars Education Centre